Monday, May 30, 2011

Aussie Slang - rated PG-13

I guess I must be getting settled, because I have run out of free time. So this post is a bit disjointed, but hopefully fun.

But I wanted to share some of my latest Aussie slang acquisitions:
Watched a game of Aerial Ping Pong with Old Mates on the Weekend, 
who were definitely Yokels who had their wobbly boots on over a few coldies.
Which translates to:
Watched a game of Australian Rules Football with some friends on 
the weekend who were Yobbo(uncouth person)-Locals who were drunk over
a few Cold Beers.

While taking the tram out on Saturday night I overheard:
Cool your tits mate!
Which seems pretty self explanatory.

And finally, my coffee barista, while explaining that nothing his daughters do fazes him:
I've seen things that would turn your shit white
Which may not be Aussie in origin, but the fact that it was said so boldly by the person serving me coffee certainly is.

I've also been regaled with potty stories by a the staff at the Hertz checkout counter, so clearly they have all read Everybody Poops and are quite comfortable with the topic.

I successfully walked home at 3AM on a Saturday night, in heels no less. So that means:

1. I should have stayed out later
2. My ankle is healed!

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  1. Jen, Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and stories. It's fun to hear what your new life is like.