Sunday, June 5, 2011

Piece of f**ing piss

That was the phrase of the week here. I learned it from an American co-worker who is still working out the correct situation for usage. Then at the Good Food & Wine Show this weekend we were chatting with some guys from Oxford Landing and they clearly had their wobbly boots on, which may be why they described the show as a "piece of f**ing piss" which is apparently the equivalent of "piece of cake" in America. Clearly Yanks are far less crude in their description of what is easy, but I have to admit it is easier to piss than make a cake, so maybe they are onto something.

The other way Aussies love to use the word piss is when they are taking it out of you. As in, "no worries mate, I was just taking the piss out". which is like "yanking your chain" or "messing with ya". Apparently you must return the favor to stay mates, so I clearly need to work on this skill.

There are some commonly used phrases that I always associated with regions in the US, but are apparently more international. "wicked" is not just a New England adjective and I've heard "I reckon" more times here than I did in my visits to the South.

I will leave you with an observation from a friend that Melbourne is like Pleasantville because there are no potholes or broken windows.I reckon it would be perfect, if only getting Internet service was a piece of piss.

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