Sunday, May 15, 2011

IKEA is universal and other fun

Someday when we populate Mars there will be an IKEA with POÄNG chairs priced exactly the same as on Earth.

Yes, I've been to the Melbourne IKEA. And I came away with a basket of essentials that should keep me going in my new kitchen until my shipment from the US arrives at the end of June. Did you know you can buy a 16 piece set of forks, knives and spoons for only $5 AUD (That is $5.50 USD)! I can't buy a meal I'll eat with them for that. The miracles of the modern supply chain in action.

I have successfully navigated the challenges of acquiring a rental apartment here in Melbourne. I escaped with only minor mental scarring after one of the agents cursed me with bad kharma because I didn't call her back immediately upon taking another apartment. Sheesh! I thought people were more laid back here. But I suppose there are always a few bad eggs in any population. Thank goodness I didn't take the apartment with her or I would have been in for a nasty surprise when I asked to get a leaky faucet fixed.

Now that I have the apartment I have to buy a refrigerator, washer and dryer. I have my heart set on a Kelvinator. Yeah, you read that right, like the Governator but for your kitchen. I'm learning that I would like one that has a capacity of 300 to 500 litres. Did you notice the British spelling of that word? This is a company laptop, so it is spell checking in British English. It didn't know the word 'faucet' so I had to teach it.

Here are some Australian/British words I've acquired this week:

  • Base - box spring for mattress

  • Capsicum - bell peppers

  • Shout - promise to buy, as in "I'll shout you the next round"

  • Tipping - they don't tip for service here but they do bet on footy which is called "Footy Tipping"

  • Tick - as in "tick the box" rather than "check the box"

  • Barrack - both the place where military people are housed AND cheering for your team, as in "he barracks for the Eagles"

  • Rocket - a type of lettuce that is usually referred to as arugala in the US and is available for purchase at IKEA in a little pot for only $2.99

I will leave you with this silly image of a store in the Victoria Shopping plaza where the IKEA is located. No, I haven't shopped there...yet.

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  1. I love Holy Sheet! ;-) I bought of my first apartment items at Ikea , talk about bargains! Keep up with the English words. Do they say lorry for trucks (as in semis too?)