Thursday, October 16, 2014

Measure of Success - Outside my Comfort Zone

I moved to Australia in April of 2011. Three and a half years later and the reason that brought me here, a regional Product role at Experian Marketing Services, no longer exists. So was the move a success?

There are things I had intended to accomplish when I made the original plans and then there is what happened. The incredible truth is, as is often the case, the reality turned out to be much better overall; with just with enough failures to make it worth the time. 

WHAT I DID: I launched an email product in China 
WHAT HAPPENED: It did not succeed due to a range of factors, one of which being that product alone is not enough

WHAT I DID: I sponsored the development of a mini-product out of Australia
WHAT HAPPENED: It has been a significant success in terms of ROI, but was never big enough to transform the business

WHAT I DID: I built a regional Product team
WHAT HAPPENED: A global re-org changed the focus and I decided not to join the global Product team. I'm proud of all my staff for weathering the transition well.

WHAT I DID: I drove the launch of a global product into APAC (Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan) 
WHAT HAPPENED: I learned that I can stand in front of a crowd and make my message heard. I also learned that product, while not enough on its own, it is quite important. And Sales is hard!

WHAT I DID: I helped Experian Marketing Services become Data Pass Certified in Australia
WHAT HAPPENED: I learned that Privacy is a tricky legal concept in general and Australia in particular

WHAT I DID: I came out here single, planning never to marry again
WHAT HAPPENED: I met a partner (Aussie term that does not imply same-sex) that I plan to spend the rest of my life with; we are planning a wedding in 2016

WHAT I DID: I travelled over much of Asia including India
WHAT HAPPENED: I managed not to get sick or injured while still veering off the beaten track sometimes - be careful where you wander in Kuala Lumpur!

WHAT I DID: I bought a flat (studio) and became a landlord
WHAT HAPPENED: Property in Melbourne is expensive, so I probably overpaid in the short run, hopefully not in the long run

Most importantly, I learned that when you are faced with options that scare you it just means you are facing a chance to learn. So, yes it was a success, because I faced the fear of moving continents for a job I'd never done and managed to build a life that I could not have dreamed of.

So with that in mind I have embarked on something that scares me - spending a year outside my professional comfort zone.

Priorities for the year:
1. Become fluent in Mandarin
2. Write more blogs - watch this space!
3. Become an Australian citizen
4. Plan an Epic Destination Wedding to Jordan
5. See more of Australia
6. See more of Asia

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  1. A great summary of how life happens when you have other plans! Enjoy the year ahead - you have some great ideas and I'm looking forward to seeing them unfold and grow. Have fun, Kim