Sunday, March 16, 2014

From Wicked to Engaged in 7 Years

In 2007 I visited Melbourne for the first time. I spent a week here for work, but managed to get in a trip to the theatre, where I saw Wicked. I admit I am a shameless fan and even own the soundtrack. That, along with many other experiences made me want to live in Melbourne someday, and 4 years later, I was able to fulfill my dream.

I packed everything I owned into a few boxes and a shipping container and left my old world behind in March of 2011. I left a lot behind; a city that I loved and the people who grew up with me. I desperately needed an adventure and a new outlook on life, but I knew I would have no one on the other side to lean on. The thing that gave me confidence was that feeling I had when I visited Melbourne that first time, that it was a place you could really LIVE in.

I was so lucky that a few people I knew made the leap with me. Sangita Patel was the best roomie a girl in a foreign land could have. In fact, she was the reason I was at the Thanksgiving dinner party in East Brunswick that fateful rainy night in November 2011.

When we couldn't get a cab home a nice guy we'd been talking to, named Adam, offered us a ride. He dropped us in the city and we exchanged numbers since he seemed like a good guy to know. From friends to dating to roomies to engaged happened in just over 2 years. It feels like forever that I've known him because I've been living the adventure I came looking for and every day is packed full of LIFE (and lots of FOOD).

Daylesford Lake House - really good steak dinner

We started a food blog (, we've travelled around the world, and we've made a home in the #1 most livable city in the world.

Petra, Jordan
Melbourne, Australia

New York, USA

Last night we shared our joy with some of our amazing friends on the Australian continent. And now the planning begins for how to celebrate with all the other people we love spread across this world, that is so big, but feels so close when we think about the friends we've made on our adventures, as individuals and together.

Gifts from our engagement party