Monday, October 1, 2012

Getting Settled

It takes a while to feel comfortable in a place, even one that feels inviting.

My first few months without furniture and a network of friends was a hectic blur of work and discovery. I discovered that sometimes the dialect differences aren't just about new words, but words I know used differently.

You realize how much you counted on at home, how many simple daily tasks and interactions do not come for free, even in a land as similar as Australia. It didn't help that I came from New York, which is unique by most standards. I revel in the positive differences. The lack of smog, the wide open view of the sky from home and office. The bigger living spaces and laundry in my own apartment! And of course, the most important: the quality coffee and so many cafes!

The things that took the most time to adapt to were logistical things. Figuring out the trains and trams and learning that don't run all the time. Learning how long it takes to get from here to there and when to bring an umbrella (always or never depending on your personality). I just wear a hat and wait for the bad storms to pass.

This weekend I had the pleasure of going to a bar for a friend's birthday and finding I had been there before! Oh Frabjous day! I know at least 15 neighborhoods and have favorite cafes. When we met some Melbourne newbies I found I had advice to give on where to go.

It feels good to feel a bit settled in. So, as I do, I'm off to Asia for two weeks in October. I will missMelbourne more than usual.

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