Monday, September 10, 2012

Simple Pleasures

The perfect autumn weekend getaway turns out to be Daylesford, Victoria, Australia. Recommended by many friends, it is the spa-capital and possibly the gay-capital of Victoria. I know for sure that it is a blissful way to eat your way through locally produced fabulousness!

We stayed at the Lake House, a posh set of cozy rooms on the lake with a famous executive chef. You can hear her talk about her latest menu on the ABC.  I have had many expensive meals in my travels and this tops my list. I can't even name everything I ate, but it was all perfectly balanced flavors and properly sized. We bought a jar of the garlic aioli (yeah, I know, just garlic and mayo, but you have to taste this!) I had the teriyaki mackerel for entree and kangaroo with beetroot for main.

My dessert was a cheese selection from local farms, Adam's was a gorgeous work of art that tasted as smooth as it looks.

In the morning we walked off our memorable meal by the lake. It was gorgeous and crisp. The lake was smooth and the sky was clear.

The ducks and geese played about just like they were paid to do and we even found a cute little waterfall to complete the scene.

We spent 2 days and 1 night in Daylesford and managed to cram in an amazing amount. We went to the spa, played basketball, walked the lake, visited the Wombat Botanical Gardens, the Convent Gallery (twice!), the Sunday Market, Cliffy's, Mill's Market (Antiques) and we finished with a brief but memorable stop at Trentham Falls.

The hat is an acquisition from the Sunday Market, thanks to Bob the hat maker from Gorden. The falls were a surprise in an otherwise gently sloping countryside (see below). They fall 32 meters (almost 100 feet) and we read later that the part we were standing on is likely to succumb to erosion based on cracks and water seepage. Seemed solid to me!

I'm back in Melbourne stashing away my various foodie acquisitions; salami, cheese, sauces and biscuits. I was so inspired I made some cornbread tonight. Nothing like homemade fresh things!

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