Sunday, September 1, 2013

Weekend in Sydney

This past week I participated in our Australia launch events for our new Cross-channel marketing platform. Melbourne was first, obviously, and Sydney was second. Since the event was at the Taj Blue at Woolloomooloo, I decided to stay at the hotel. It turned out to be a good choice for an unusual trip to Sydney.

The weather had just turned from deep winter to early spring and we made the most of it. It was good to see old friends and make new ones. I finally feel like I'm figuring Sydney out a bit, not as much like a tourist these days, but still plenty to explore.

I took this weekend to enjoy my new toy (Lumix GF6) and discovered a fun setting that makes your scenes look like miniatures. So I enjoyed bringing the iconic harbour down to a different size.

Friday night we revisited our American diner favorite Jazz City Diner in Darlinghurst. Saturday we slept in, a delightful experience these days. JC had us over for dinner and showed us the view that must be seen on NYE to properly appreciate, but was still stunning. My new camera didn't let me down and took decent shots without a tripod.

Sunday was a leisurely day starting at the Fish Market - a bit of a let down if you've ever been to any other fish market but still it had good food and some unique seafood on display.

We wandered over to Darling Harbour and watched the families play in the fountains as the Father's Day fireworks were setup. We hid from the sun in the National Maritime Museum that had an exhibit of Ansel Adams and photos from the Elysium Antarctic expedition. Both were wonderful, but I felt the Ansel Adams photos were not well lit; too much glare. Still, there is nothing like seeing an original print from the master of the art. All black and white, all water themed. It made me nostalgic for Yosemite (and sad it is burning) and the California coast of my childhood. I was pleasantly surprised to get a blast from the past in a city so far away.

We took a water taxi back to the hotel and I still had enough daylight for an evening jog around the botanicals with a sunset view of the bridge and opera house. Dessert came from a shop boasting the best Gelato in Australia - and I cannot argue this point.

It was a very restful and beautiful visit. I'm glad I took the time to appreciate Sydney more, Melbourne still has my heart, but there is plenty to enjoy in this Northern metropolis.

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