Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things I learned

Today was a very long day. I'm fighting a cold but I couldn't stay home to nurse it. Lucky for you that means I have new discoveries to share!

A few nice phrases I've been hearing around:

  • good on you! - an exclamation of support for whatever you just said

  • how you going? - a mashuo of "how's it going" and "how you doing"

  • ta - thanks

People have been fabulously friendly here, living up to their reputation. The only annoying people I encountered were on a crowded tram full of teenage school girls. I'll forgive them because I know it is an awkward phrase. I mean, "like Mandarin is hard and my accent is terrible, I got a 42, but I was not really trying you know". This was followed by a rant about how the new school berets look terrible on everyone (no offense to the girl wearing it of course). Imagine that in an Aussie accent, it was brilliant, to borrow a British turn of phrase.

Unlike the trains on the subway, not all train/tram doors open automatically for you. Watch out for this, you too could be caught staring dumbly at a door that will not open through sheer force of will. And you wouldn't want to be caught looking dumb in front of a gaggle of school girls, they can be vicious! I learned this in front of a friendly older woman in an outer suburb, whew!

I looked at 5 apartments today and this is what I learned about Melbourne flats:

  • Eurostyle laundry means there is a hookup, not necessarily a washer/dryer in the unit

  • Sometimes a unit comes with a dryer and not a washer so you won't hang your laundry out and mess with the building aesthetic

  • A refrigerator is considered a price of furniture, like a couch, so bring your own. Ovens and dishwashers come standard. Explain that distinction...

  • In New York I had a bedroom with more than enough room for a queen bed, that is not a given here, bedrooms are meant for full beds here, and nothing else.

  • The missing space from the bedroom has been put in the kitchen/living area usually, which makes for nice kitchens and proves they are a social people.

  • Balconies are easy to come by, worthwhile views are a bit trickier. Today I saw a busy intersection, the back of a building and a car park. One had a view of the Eureka tower but the carpet smelled, so that was out.

I think my quest for 2 bedrooms is over. There is no point in having a guest room that doesn't fit a proper bed in it. My couch sleeps one comfortably and maybe I'll get a better view for my guests to marvel at instead.

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  1. Good on you, indeed! Wow, you are out there getting a lot done and learning another way of doing things. I remember that you were seeing lots of ads online for rentals ... surely one of them will be "perfect" for you!